Dependence on Technology: 3 Ways to Fight Technology Addiction

In this day and age, we are all very dependent on technology.  Online classes now exist, e-books are becoming more popular everyday, and even printed media is becoming extinct.  My computer’s monitor back light decided to malfunction and now my laptop is in the shop (i’m using my mom’s to write this).  Leaving my computer there was like leaving a child; I had all the “what if” scenarios running through my brain.  “What if they lose it?”  “What if I have to get a new one?”  “What if they find stains and the warranty won’t cover it?”  So many different situations that seemed to be my new biggest nightmare, and all because I no longer knew how to function without my laptop.

Every single morning, I wake up and use the bathroom and brush me teeth.  Then I get on my computer and check my emails, facebook, blog, twitter, and pinterest.  Then, I start my day (while checking all these things periodically throughout the day).  Not to mention, I also use my phone for communication with others (texting) and a television to watch tv shows or movies that I like or are interested in.  Basically, i’m always tuned into some sort of technology for entertainment and it’s kind of terrible.

Now that my laptop is gone, I feel almost lost.  Not only because I don’t know what to do, but because I have obligations on it such as this blog!  I have many hobbies that don’t involve technology such as knitting, painting, drawing, reading, and things like this but they always falls behind my laptop when it comes down to what to do.  This is a problem, and I really need to learn how to moderate my activities.

So, I have developed 3 ways to help us weaken our addiction to technology.

1.  Don’t use your phone or computers until 11am

One of the first things I do in the morning is check my phone and computer responsibilities, and I often will choose that over breakfast if i’m in a rush.  This is hazardous to my health!  Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!  Instead of using your phone or computers, take showers, go for a jog, have breakfast, and do a little reading or cleaning.  Use morning time as preparation for the day.

2.  Have a day out of the week where you don’t use your phone or computers

For some people, phones and computer access are essential to work and some people work around the clock 7 days a week.  For those of us who can, turn your computers and phone off for a day and see how free you feel!  You might be amazed with what you learn about yourself and the world without a technical device to cloud your vision.

3.  Have a partner

It’s easier to do things without use of a phone or computer when the people around you aren’t glued to theirs.  So, on the day you aren’t using phones or computers, hang out with somebody who is doing the same!  Spend the day at the park with a packed picnic lunch!  Go to the beach.  Most importantly — don’t bring your phone.

While being addicted to technology seems like a joke, try getting your most prized possession taken away for a couple weeks to get fixed.  Then, you’ll realize what a serious problem it can be.  My computer has been gone for less than a  day and I already feel lost.  It may be time to bust out the knitting needles, yarn, and my paint brushes again.

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